Benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)

Amla has many incredible health benefits. It is loaded with many nutrients, minerals, vitamin C, proteins, and fiber. One of the easiest ways to eat amla is to cut the fruit and eat it raw and the best time to consume amla is early morning. You can also intake amla by juice, candy, powder, amla nimbu water, and pickle.

There are several health benefits of eating amla, some are as follows;

Improves digestion

Amla has high fiber content that helps in digestion and makes the digestive system work efficiently. It also reduces gastric problems

Assists weight loss

Consuming amla juice on empty stomach helps to detoxify the digestive system that reduces excess body weight and helps you to stay fit.

Boost immunity

Amla is rich in nutrients and vitamin C, The Vitamin C content of Amla makes it an excellent source of building your immunity and metabolism also helps you to stay away from diseases.

Anti-aging skin

Regular consumption of gooseberry results in younger-looking skin. It has antioxidants that help to treat all skin problems and make your skin shiny and healthy

Controls bad cholesterol

Researches show that is taking amla in your daily diet helps to manage cholesterol levels. It strengthens heart muscles and reduces fat accumulation in the valves. It lowers the risk of a heart attack.

Control diabetics

Amla plays a major role in maintaining sugar levels and control diabetes. It is believed in Ayurveda that taking amla stimulates the secretion of insulin, reducing the level of sugar in the bloodstream.

Improves eyesight

Amla contains carotene which is responsible for improving the vision. Adding Amla to your daily diet can significantly improve overall eye health and reduce eye problems.

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