What are the Benefits of Taking Ice Cold Showers

If you are not in the habit and you hate taking a cold shower, it is recommended to start with warm water and gradually introduce some parts of the body, until you get used to the temperature. However, for those who do not make it this way, it is best to leave at once with everything and suffer the chills at once! That way, you wake up your body even more and you refresh yourself with a nice bath.

But best of all are the benefits of taking a cold shower. We have listed the benefits for the body and mind that the cold bath can provide. Check out!

Improves mood

When the body has increased blood circulation, so does the body's demand for oxygen. As a result, tiredness can be reduced and, in this way, you want even more desire to continue the day.

Helps with blood circulation

When bathing in cold water, the impact on the arms and legs causes the blood vessels to constrict, causing the blood to flow to the central organs in an attempt to balance the body temperature. Thus, the act is beneficial for blood circulation, because this movement stimulates the process.

Help to treat depression

According to some studies, a cold bath can help in the treatment of depression. One of the factors raised in the research is that cold water, when it comes into contact with the skin, activates the cold receptors in the nervous system, sending signals to the brain, which translates into an increase in endorphins in the blood, the hormone responsible for a feeling of well-being. With that, we have that this feeling alleviates the effects of depression.

However, people with depressive conditions should pay attention to the treatment indicated by specialists, since the cold bath is only one initiative that can help in treatment already underway.

A cold bath improves muscle pain

The practice of taking a cold shower after physical activity promotes the anesthetic effect on the painful points of the body. Therefore, athletes often use this function, including taking ice baths, to reduce pain caused by physical exertion. What happens in this process is that the cold bath helps the blood vessels to constrict, which reduces muscle pain. In addition, it also speeds up the conduction of signals in the nervous system, drowning out pain signals sent to the brain.

However, inflammatory pains should not be given cold water, but hot baths, as these promote muscle relaxation.

The cold bath speeds up the metabolism and helps you lose weight

Taking cold baths can help with a little boost to lose weight. What happens is that, while you bathe with cold water, the production of a hormone called irisin is increased, whose substance favors the conversion of white to brown adipose tissue (fat). As a result, this process favors an increase in thermogenesis and caloric expenditure. In other words, your body is stimulated to lose weight naturally, speeding up your metabolism, which can influence the reduction of fat in the liver.

Good for skin and hair

If what you want is your skin and hair with a more natural shine, the cold bath can help you with that. The cold bath prevents you from losing your skin's natural oil, helps tighten your pores, and reduces the itching sensation if you have dermatitis or allergies. In the hair, cold water helps to close the cuticles, leaving the hair even more beautiful and reduces the incidence of dandruff. Add a cold bath to your haircare and skincare routines.

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