Benefits of Ice on the skin and How to use it

The technique of using ice on the skin, in addition to being super refreshing, brings aesthetic benefits such as reducing dark circles, smoothing pores, deflating the face, and even reducing inflammation caused by the dreaded pimples.

The trick, of Korean origin, can be done at home, has zero cost, and is very easy! Speaking like that, it sounds too good to be true, right? The good news is that using ice on your skin really works and the results for your skin and the beauty of your face are incredible.

In addition, we, from the Women's Area, will teach you how to perform this technique, in addition to explaining everything about the benefits that the application provides.

· The main effect of using ice is to leave the face rested and deflated;

· Reduces dark circles;

· Reduces inflammation of pimples;

· Closes pores, therefore, reduces skin oil production;

· Ice on the skin can be used as a primer;

· It reduces blood vessels, ideal to use after waxing.

How to use

Using ice on your skin is simple and easy. First, it is recommended that before applying it, the first step is to wash your face, preferably with ice water so that the skin gets used to the temperature.

Then, with the help of a cotton ball or cloth, pass the ice on the skin. Some dermatologists indicate that the technique is associated with the use of facial masks, cucumber slices, or even moisturizers.

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