Best Climbing Plants for Balcony

There is a wide variety of climbing plants that will do perfectly in a container or a planter on your balcony. Of course, it is necessary to choose the species according to the sunshine and the heat on your ground. This article aims to make your task easier by presenting you with a nice list of plants with climbing habits that will transform your balcony into an oasis.

There are plenty of balcony climbers to choose from, ranging from species that have a natural habit of climbing to shrub species that may be used to climbing to grow against a wall, trellis, or any support. . Typically, annuals grow quickly, and they'll be adorning the balcony with a myriad of flowers in no time. Once their flowering period is over, it will be the turn of the perennial climbing plants that will amaze you for several months. A lot of plants are self-climbing, which means you won't have to provide them with structure, while others will need help climbing.

Clematis Plant

Clematis is one of the most popular and recognizable balcony climbing plants. Its pretty flowers come in different colors including red, purple, blue, pink, white, etc. The plant prefers sunny or semi-shaded locations. In general, she is hardy and fairly easy to grow. Low-growing varieties are a great choice for container growing because they remain compact while still flowering when they are still young.

Consider combining two flowering plants of different colors in the same container to create a striking arrangement. Clematis climb by twisting their stems around any support you offer them. That said, you can grow them in a flower box with a trellis, or just near a wall with strings stretched vertically.


Honeysuckle is a very popular climbing plant whose lightly scented summer bloom adorns terraces and balconies. The flowers form decorative and attractive clusters. Honeysuckle is easy to grow, ideally in a place where the roots will be in the shade.


Bignone is a climbing plant whose exotic flowering will transform your balcony into an oasis. The beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers, united in clusters, give it an unparalleled ornamental value. They are available in a row, yellow and red. Virginia jasmine does not necessarily need a climbing aid. However, if you want to get him to climb in a particular direction, it would be helpful to offer him some support. If you grow the Bignone in a location that is sunny, warm and protected from the wind, it will grow considerably. In winter, protect the climbing plant from cold winds.


Bougainvillea is probably the first plant that comes to mind when it comes to climbing plants for your balcony. Its spectacular bloom is a real spectacle of magenta, pink, red, orange, yellow, or white flowers. This climbing Mediterranean shrub lends itself very well to container culture, as long as it offers quality soil that retains moisture. Bougainvillea must be brought in in winter because it is not frost-resistant.

Hope you find the article useful. Add these climbing beauties to your balcony. If you are interested in plant based post also check related article under Gardening menu.

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