Best Hair wash Routine: tips to follow

There are certain steps to follow when washing hair and extra care must be taken, to avoid hair fall and hair damages. Many of us will do some mistakes during hair wash. By knowing some valuable tips, you can avoid those mistakes and boost your hair growth. This information will help you, and you can get good results by following the routine continuously.

Apply oil before wash

This is an important step that prevents your hair from hair damage. You can apply hair oil the previous night if you, going to take bath in the morning or you, can apply straight away before going to a bath. But applying night will nourish your hair, and pores in the scalp open during night time.

Comb your hair to avoid tangle

Your hair is more likely to tangle when you don't brush your hair throughout the day. Comb your hair before hair wash to avoid tangle and hair fall. It is hard to detangle your hair when it is wet. Because wet hair is weak and can easily break off.

Dilute shampoo in water

Do not apply shampoo directly on the scalp that contains chemicals that will damage your hair. Instead, you can always mix it with water then apply on hair.

Avoid shampooing for a long time

Some people apply shampoo for long-duration while washing hair. This will cause damages to roots and make your hair dry. Do not exceed more than 2 minutes when shampooing your hair.

Use conditioner

After washing hair with shampoo use conditioner. Do not use conditioner directly on the scalp always apply it only on hair it will improve hair texture and promotes smoothness in hair.

Take hair wash often

Take hair wash often whenever you feel dirt and oily on your hair. It is not necessary to take hair wash on regular intervals, and no rules to be followed that, is hair wash should be taken once in two days or daily or once in a week. It depends on your hair's condition, and it changes for everyone.

Hope these tips will help you to have proper hair wash and helps you to maintain beautiful hair.

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