Best Ideas to Decorate a Small Patio Garden

One of the most beautiful spaces in the home is the outdoor areas because we spend our valuable time with our loved ones also connected with nature. If you are planning to make your patio cover with plants and flowers, you are in right place to get some ideas. A patio or outdoor area is a perfect place to set up green plants and modify them into your dream jungle with colorful flowers, aromatic herbs, tasty vegetables, etc. Read the following points to get the best ideas to decorate a small patio garden.

A garden of herbs (aromatic plants)

The first way to put yourself in the gardener's skin often begins with a pot of basil placed near the window sill of the kitchen. Having various aromatic herbs close at hand allows you to spice up many dishes and what fun! It's quick and easy to plant.

The thyme, tulsi, mint and the rosemary requires little water on a sunny terrace, unlike basil, chervil, parsley, or coriander. Don't forget lemon grass, the leaves of which can be cut and dried for evening herbal teas. It is prudent to secure your pots well at the edge of the window to avoid any risk of falling.

Bring colors with annual flowers

If you feel a craving for colors, then all of a sudden flower craze, choose annuals. They do not freeze and flower abundantly from the first heat of spring. You can plant at the same time, between the pansies, a few tulip or hyacinth bulbs. It is also possible to choose colorful primroses, from March. In May or June, alternate with petunias, begonias that are very resistant to drought. Many other species exist in nurseries, where vendors will help you make the best choice.

A small vegetable garden

Good size pots, ideal southwest exposure, and well-watered plants. Salads, tomatoes, and especially cherry tomatoes, radishes, plants like eggplants, tomatoes, chili plants, and even strawberries, will be easily successful if you devote a little time every day to their culture. But it is not uncommon to find all of its wilted and withered plants upon returning from vacation. So remember to ask a neighbor to water your balcony every two or three days. Allow him to pick some of your harvests while you are away, and everyone will be happy!

Low maintenance with perennials

There is a multitude of perennials, these are the ones that grow back from one year to the next. In full sun, plants are grown on a draining substrate and require little maintenance. For example, houseleeks, aloes, and various cacti. It will be necessary to provide a place in the apartment, in the winter season, for some of them.

Shrubs like in the garden

If the size of your terrace allows it, choose small deciduous or persistent shrubs depending on the desired effect. Don't forget to think about the water requirements or the sensitivity to the coldness of each species, or even the rapid development of a few plants whose exuberance would lead you to their too severe pruning or their elimination.

The choice of containers

The pots or trays must be chosen in harmony with each species, combining aesthetics and the requirement in nutritional requirements. Traditional terracotta is timeless, it retains its charm in all seasons, but we must remember that the pots are sometimes more expensive, heavier, and freezing. Garden centers offer multiple possibilities: wood, metal, concrete, and polyester resins, some in flashy colors for darker areas. Sometimes the planters are standing, and make working the soil easier by saving the back, think about it. Do not forget either to partially renew the substrate each year or to repot regularly the species with great development in a larger pot!

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