Best Wall Decor Ideas - How to Decorate a Blank Wall

If you are looking for ideas to make your home a bright and welcoming environment, to create decorative effects of great impact, here are some ideas to decorate the walls of the house in a truly unique and creative way. There are different styles and decorations to make an environment, perhaps a little too neutral, more lively and colorful, highlighting the light points and surprising our guests with original and fun ideas.

With wallpaper

The wallpaper (Buy from Amazon) is a versatile decorative element, useful to renew an environment, give a little color, and add personality to your home. It is possible to decorate any room such as your bedroom by choosing the wallpaper for the bedroom. After a long period of decay, today it can satisfy every need, thanks to new available patterns and the possibility of reinventing it to decorate even some furnishing accessories. You can cover all the walls, or customize just one. You can use a classic design or vertical stripes. Or, you can decorate half the wall or a niche in particular, perhaps with geometric and vintage shapes, or with floral motifs. Speaking of walls, the Supreme Court recently ruled on the need to paint the term of the lease.

Use the stickers

An alternative solution to change the look of your interior simply and economically is to use stickers (Buy from Amazon). These custom stickers are inexpensive and easy to apply, and can also be used for just small portions of the wall. You can choose the shapes you prefer and the themes that best suit your decor: trees, writings, geometric patterns. Bright colors like gold, or soft colors like turquoise or pale white, for damask stickers, bring an oriental touch to the bedroom or living room. The stickers allow us to choose a theme and enhance it on the walls, giving a personal touch to our favorite environment.

Hang pictures or frames

Hanging pictures or frames(Buy from Amazon) gives vitality to blank spaces and is useful to characterize uniquely the corners of the house where you spend most of your daily life. You can hang single paintings or create multiple compositions using shapes, colors, and themes represented on the canvases. Very important, before hanging a picture, is to choose the wall of the room that is best illuminated by the sun. In case you don't have this possibility, you can place spotlights in various parts of the room or a lamp right above the painting.

Paint the walls with a personal touch

Painting the walls of the house to obtain optical effects or greater brightness is essential to make a room more proportionate and for example, make it appear larger. Using lighter and more muted colors will make the walls seem more distant, visually increasing the volume of the room. On the contrary, dark or warmer tones will give a more intimate and welcoming air. Painting one wall in a stronger color than the others creates an optical illusion of more space in the room.


As you know, mirrors (Buy from Amazon) are the best solution to make a room seem bigger, so what is better than filling a wall with lots of mirrors, perhaps of different sizes and styles? You can also find details in flea markets or vintage shops.


The very suggestive solution to illuminate a room originally, hang strings of lights (Buy from Amazon) on a wall, to furnish it and make it unique, giving the entire room an intimate and welcoming charm.

Use the mosaic to create real works of art on the walls

The last solution we propose is mosaic decoration. It is a compositional element widely used for kitchens and bathrooms, even if more and more frequently, it is chosen for other environments, even if more often to decorate floors of furnishing objects. Depending on the style of the room, it can give a modern or classic effect. The materials to be used can be glass, stone, ceramic, and marble. Glass allows you to create beautiful visual effects based on light, while the stone is very resistant and is excellent to use for external walls, especially to enhance a garden.

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