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When there is no huge space, it's better to skip the coffee table rather than clutter the room. Arranging a living room without a coffee table is possible: with a few tips, we replace this central point of the decoration to free up space without feeling empty!

If the coffee table remains at the center of an overwhelming majority of living rooms, it is not necessarily essential. It's all about space but also needs. In a small living room, in particular, it can obstruct circulation in all senses of the word, visually overloading the space and hindering movement. This is often the case in a long room, a studio, or a small apartment. Arranging a living room without a coffee table makes it possible to facilitate circulation and to de-clutter the room for a more airy decor.

Designing a living room without a coffee table, the practical trick

The coffee table is very practical, but space does not allow to install a real one? We will go for innovative plans by choosing replacement options that retain the function but take up much less space. An ottoman, sofa, or stool is the ideal solution to combine the possibilities: compact and design, they serve both as a table and as a seat. We put a plate or a book, the computer or a cup, the feet of the guests, depending on the case. They can even be moved from the bedroom to the kitchen depending on the occasion, or simply put away in a cupboard to save space.

Another idea? To work in a living room without a coffee table, we think of end tables, these L-shaped consoles whose foot slides under the sofa to save space. You can even eat there, and their sleek design adds a decorative touch as a bonus. As for the most compact solution, it is the laptop support for a sofa, cushion version with tray or tray on legs. It accommodates a computer or a plate and tucks away in a cupboard the rest of the time!

Design a living room without a coffee table, the decorating trick

With or without an alternative for the function, furnishing a living room without a coffee table comes down to one principle: choosing a central point to turn the furniture too. As a rule, the sofa and armchairs are oriented towards the coffee table. If it is not there, it can be a question of orienting the furniture towards the TV, towards a window, or towards a fireplace, linearly or in a semicircle depending on the configuration of the room. In the case of a long living room with a little setback, there is no need to do more, it is better to leave the space clear for better circulation.

For living rooms with a more classic format, on the other hand, a few well-chosen decorative objects allow you to furnish without cluttering. The right reflex? Select beautiful carpet, or even several for the bohemian atmosphere, which catches the eye and

brings warmth to the decor. In addition, a green plant and a tall fixture are usually enough to add volume and contrast. A few large cushions on the sofa or armchairs can be placed on the floor if necessary, to provide additional seating. Perfect for a living room.

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