How to Clean White Marble Easily

Marble is a versatile and durable material that is used for its timeless beauty. But if you are lucky enough to have marble items or items in your home, you will know that this luxury material requires regular maintenance to keep it in pristine condition.

The white color of marble can easily be marked by spills and stains. Since this material is popular not only for decorative purposes, but also for practical applications, one must find tips for cleaning white marble.

It turns out that cleaning white marble is a delicate task, given the sensitive and vulnerable surface. Perhaps, you would say that the game is not worth the candle to invest in marble if it is. Think again because there are steps you can take to maintain the impeccable shine of the marbled surface.

All you need to get started is water (preferably warm) and a damp, soft cloth. Simply wipe the marble surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth for more scrub. Use only hot tap water, as many household cleaners are too harsh for marble countertops. If you need to clean your countertop more thoroughly, take advantage of commercial cleaners specially designed for this task.

Cleaning white marble with baking soda

Being a powerful natural cleanser, baking soda deserves its place of honor in your household. Plus, it's cheap, easy to use, and it has moisture-wicking properties that are perfect for marble. On the other hand, it is a mild abrasive which should be used as directed and not be driven into the marble with force. It is also advisable not to use this method regularly, as excessive use can ruin the shine of the surface.

  • Mix a little baking powder and water to make a thick paste.

  • Spread the mixture over the stained area with a rag.

  • Leave the paste on the surface of the marble for a few hours.

  • Remove the mixture with a clean, damp cloth.

If the stain persists, apply more paste and cover the area with cling film, leaving it on for 24 hours. Wipe off the mixture with a warm, damp cloth - the stain should be gone.

Clean white marble with dish soap

Dilute a teaspoon of mild dish soap in a small bowl of lukewarm water. Dab a soft cloth in the solution and rub gently over the stained area. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Cleaning white marble with hydrogen peroxide

If you have used it to clean the washing machine , you are convinced that this product is a good choice. But when it comes to marble, be sure to test ahead on an inconspicuous corner.

Apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with a few drops of ammonia directly to the stained area. Cover with cling film, leaving it to act for at least 24 hours. Remove afterwards with a clean damp cloth without any trace of hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the marble with distilled water and dry with a towel or soft cloth.

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