How to Decorate Entry Way - Interior Design - 2021 Trends

Do not hesitate to let go of this room, it is undoubtedly the ideal place in the house to dare everything in terms of decoration while remaining in a certain harmony with the rest of your apartment. In addition to furniture that will be practical and functional, also opt for strong decorative elements. Remember, You can perfectly achieve a welcoming, practical room without losing anything of its decorative side because it is the front way that your guests enter.

Slice or stay in harmony

You have the choice to decorate your entrance: either, you opt for decoration in the continuity of the rest of your interior or, you bet on another solution: to decide with the rest.

Know that you can be daring in this passage room. Explanation: if you hesitate to put a painting in a very strong color in the other rooms, take advantage of it in the hall.

On the walls, bet on an accumulation of mirrors, frames, coat hooks, or others to add fantasy to this space. A wallpaper with a strong identity with original patterns for example or a very original wall lamp.

Even if you're a little over the top, dare what you wouldn't do in your living room while maintaining a certain aesthetic.

A large mirror to increase the space tenfold

Small entrances in particular often need light, as these are mostly blind rooms. By putting a large mirror (Buy from Amazon) that increases the area of ​​the room tenfold, it brightens up this entry a little. It is a good idea to choose a wall mirror so that it does not encroach on the available space. The choice is vast and the framing will be harmonized with the choice of your decoration. Whatever mirror you choose, bet on its size, which will be important.

A console for its aesthetic and practical aspect

When you get home, you like to drop off your mail, keys, and small things, the console is perfect for this function. It is also an important decorative piece in the decoration that you give to your entrance. To sublimate it, carefully choose the objects you place on it. You don't necessarily need a lot of widths. If you opt for a thin and long model, you bring charm to this room.

A small seat to take your shoes off

If this seat is above all a small practical piece of furniture, you can perfectly make it a decorative accessory in its own right, by putting pretty decorative cushions for example with pompoms or elegant or floral patterns for example. It brings as much comfort and practicality since it allows to offer additional storage underneath as charming to your entrance.

An original and useful coat rack

Who would imagine an entrance without a cloakroom, coat rack (Buy from Amazon), or coat hooks? No one, of course, since they are essential accessories. Choose them well because if so, they will participate fully in your decoration.

Decorative accessories

To sublimate and perfect the décor of your entrance, you must then think about the details that give it all its appeal. A pretty plant if it is bright, a bouquet, a statue, pretty vases, an original cup that serves as a storage tray, wicker baskets, and a nice light are recommended in this space to place everything from following your guests into your universe.

How to decorate and arrange a large entrance?

In some homes, the entrance is double and very spacious. By giving it only one function, you risk having the impression of wasting space. The easiest way is to take advantage of it by setting up a reading lounge area, office, library, and even a small play area for children. You don't reduce the space, but all the square meters are optimized.

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