How to Decorate Coffee Table

The coffee table plays a very important role in a living room that gives an amazing and complete look. The decoration of the coffee table must be successful because the living room is often at the heart of the house.

You can choose a large coffee table (Buy from Amazon) with a modern and original design or you can choose two smaller ones that you can easily move to where you need them. This time we present you with some ideas of extremely versatile coffee tables that make them perfect for a contemporary interior design. Often the minimalist style is all you need for your interior. A living room coffee table with a vase above it or decorated with a simple accessory is always beautiful and chic.

There are many ways to customize your coffee table to suit your interests and occupations while creating a pretty and harmonious look

Storage for books

Where is the best place to store and display your books at the same time? The coffee table, of course!

This is the most accessible and prettiest place to place your stacks of books. Being close to the sofa will provide a great excuse for lounging and reading!

It is also possible to store them on the shelf under the table, to free up the surface for other objects of interest.

A tray

The tray (Buy from Amazon) has two main functions in my opinion: to group trendy decorative objects and to serve the snack. You can use this type of item since it makes it easier to clear the table if necessary.

The vase

Confused about what to place on your coffee table? Take a small plain vase, with gilded or colored brass borders, and place dried flowers inside, for example, ears of wheat, eucalyptus leaves. The result will be gorgeous and you won't. will not need to maintain them. But if you prefer fresh flowers like me, it is on this table that they will be highlighted.


Why not combine a stack of recent books or magazines with some pretty potted succulents.

Opt for diversity in the patterns and sizes of the pots to give the perfectly imperfect look that we love so much!


Fresh flowers will always add some color and act as a decorative centerpiece in your living room. Find some nice books, put them on top of each other on your coffee table, and put a nice object underneath. To add personality to space, choose something sculptural and quirky like a coral, a glass sphere, or a small jar. But remember, this is a living room coffee table, and you need to leave at least some room for your cup of coffee.


There are many possibilities and to consider depending on the configuration of your coffee table. If some will adopt a single candle a massive strand, others will prefer to multiply the small candles (why not place them on a nice tray?). Be careful, however, not to occupy all the space.

Another thing to take into account: we always ventilate when we burn a candle, whether it is scented or not. For a continuous diffusion of scents, think of scented bouquets.

Coffee table with an object

Indeed, one or two decorative objects brought back from a trip or a favorite purchase during a shopping trip will also do the trick. In addition, placed on your coffee table you can admire it while giving a touch of personal decoration.

In conclusion, you can always bring creativity in decorations, if you satisfy with the above trending ideas try doing it without further delay. The main thing is to feel good at home and keep it organized! Hope you enjoy reading the post.

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