How to Dress with Drooping Shoulders

The drooping shoulders said in an unfashionable way "a nice cat to peel", is in fact having the stretch from neck to shoulder slightly inclined that can end with a rounded or straight shoulder. Sometimes those who do not have this characteristic tend to assume it is with the chest closed and therefore the shoulders drooping forward.

In both cases they make the shoulders appear smaller, which is not an advantage even for those who have very broad shoulders per se because unfortunately for those who have them, they are not in fashion. A hundred years ago they were considered a very feminine and ostentatious detail, now they make the figure smaller.

Regardless of the shape you have, it is advisable to use these tricks to mask and break them:

· Scarves tied around the neck and a little soft

· Cowl neck sweaters

· Blazer with fairly marked straps

· Shirts with stiff collars

· Square drains

· One-shoulder dresses

Absolutely to be avoided are:

· High neck sweaters with narrow necks

· Strapless sweaters and dresses or very wide hugged necklines

· Round and wide necks

· Very tight V-necks

Obviously, if you already have small enough shoulders it is also useful to use lighter colors to emphasize them, but if this is not the case, the important thing is to just add volume as recommended above.

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