How to Make an Elegant Garden on a Budget

To make the garden welcoming without spending a fortune, just follow a few tricks and buy smartly, here are some suggestions:

To furnish a garden in an elegant way and according to current trends, it is not necessary to spend large amounts. In fact, you can opt for do-it-yourself or move towards furniture, complements, and accessories that know how to combine functionality and elegance with an interesting quality ratio.

The secret is to have in mind how our garden is made, how big it is, and how we can use it, then choose the style and what we consider absolutely necessary to create a pleasant but sophisticated space. We offer you some suggestions to give a more refined touch to the garden, saving from an economic but not a qualitative point of view.

Tables and chairs with an impressive design

Antique wrought iron tables and chairs can cost a lot and often need a lot of maintenance to remove and protect them from rust. So you can prefer buying wooden tables and chairs (Buy from Amazon). It's sturdy and solid for a long time and durable usage.

Solar Lanterns

Not the usual flush or the classic ground torches: solar lanterns (Buy from Amazon) are an excellent solution to illuminate the garden at night in a truly elegant way. These are glass jars with stainless steel lid and silicone seal, water-resistant, which contain solar lights that recharge with direct exposure in 4-6 hours and illuminate for up to 10 hours.

A solution of great energy and economic savings that gives a touch of style to the garden, to the summer tables or the gazebo, and even to the interior spaces.

An Umbrella

Creating a shady area is ideal for enjoying the garden even in the hottest hours, but a gazebo can be an expensive solution because, in addition to the structure itself, you also need to think about the furniture. If, on the other hand, you want to save money, you can opt for an umbrella (Buy from Amazon) like this one: a good three meters in diameter and absolutely stable thanks to the pole and the thick iron structure and the cross base fixed in concrete tiles.

Absolutely resistant, it repairs elegantly and discreetly, adapting to every need for space and style with a minimum cost.

The romantic Pergola

There are canopies of all kinds, but there is nothing more romantic and elegant than a pergola on which climbing plants, whether they are ivy, vine, or wisteria.

It can be placed at the entrance to the garden from the house to create a sort of veranda, or in a corner that needs to be repaired, such as the one for outdoor lunches and dinners. Correspondingly, if you do not want to tile, you can opt for a cheaper solution such as gravel, which will make the ground more practicable and perfect for placing outdoor tables or sofas.

A relaxation corner with a Hammock

A peaceful corner where you can relax is possible even without having to invest a lot of money: the ideal solution is a hammock (Buy from Amazon) with portable support, easy to open and close, perfect for all outdoor spaces.

You have to choose one, like this one with a super-resistant steel frame that does not need to be mounted and that can be adjusted to the desired height. The best and low-cost solution to furnish the garden in an elegant and refined way, perhaps associated with some oriental-style details.

Hope you get the best ideas for an elegant garden set up. If you enjoy reading the article also read Stabilized Plants - A Green Touch to Decorate your Home.

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