Ideas for Decorating your home with Shelves

From impressive shelves to simpler ones and with geometric and clean shapes, here are some ideas to furnish the walls of the rooms of your home with shelves in different styles and for all tastes.

Shelves can be great allies for decorating the rooms in your home. These furnishing elements, in addition to allowing you to customize living spaces according to your tastes, will help you create movement in the spaces and make them even more spacious. In addition, they will allow you to arrange all the accessories, such as jars and kitchen utensils, but also plates, cups, books, and aromatic plants.

Here are some tips for furnishing some areas of the house with shelves.

Living Room

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The shelves in the living room, look great next to the TV or on an empty wall of the room. Hexagon-shaped wall shelves, available in different sizes and colors also made of wood. These shelves are perfect for the living room, having a geometric, essential, and clean shape, suitable for different styles of furniture, especially modern.

Kitchen Shelves

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In the kitchen, shelves will be your great space-saving allies, to keep all your kitchen utensils, but also jars and aromatic plants. The product is made with a steel structure and grid with a matte finish. The high-grade stainless steel wires with an additional nickel-chrome finish making it rust-free & corrosion-proof. It can be placed and hung in the kitchen or you can keep it on the countertop.

Bedroom Shelves

Child bedroom

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Let's talk about the bedroom, the kingdom of your children. Multi-functional storage, practical and sturdy, saves space, is the ideal choice to keep the home neat and orderly. You can prefer cupboard type or bookshelves in these child bedrooms.

Adult bedroom

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In the bedroom, shelves cannot be missing and are a great help, being excellent space savers where you can store books, frames with your favorite photos, and personal items of various kinds. These wall-mounted shelves are perfect for hosting your books, but also for small succulents.

Bathroom Shelves

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Furnishing the bathroom with shelves is an original and stylish space-saving idea. For this reason, we have chosen for you a rather particular model: OSLEN stainless steel double layer shelf with towel rack, multipurpose wall mount bath shelf organizer, shelf is perfect for your bathroom because it is functional and practical, with an industrial style, made of steel to be resistant and easy to clean.

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