Secrets to Grow Money Plants Faster and Bigger

Money plant is also known as golden pothos and it is one of the indoor plants. It is a creeper plant, and it is a kind of ornamental plant. It's a great air purifier that can improve indoor air quality. Here are some best tips to grow money plant faster and get leaves bigger.

Soil mixture

Money plants can be grown very easily both in soil and in water. But if you grow in the soil it will grow faster. The soil mixture is very important. The potting mix should be a 40 percent mixture of soil, 20 percent manure, and 40 percent coco peat. This is the best combination for plants in containers in the right proportion that retains water and nutrients well, provides good drainage.


Even though they can be grown in low-light, good exposure to bright sunlight will initiate speedy growth and brighter looking leaves. But should not be placed under direct sunlight.


Money plant loves regular watering. Check the soil two inches on the top if it is dry then pour water thoroughly. But should have good drainage that will not stagnate water in the pot. Spray water on full plants once in a week makes roots to spread around and allows leaves to get bigger.

Upright position

It is always better to place the money plant in an upright position than to hang downwards. you can also allow it to climb on a wall or stick that will result in faster growth. And leaves also become bigger.


Pruning has been part of gardening care for a long time. It helps to stimulate healthier growth. Pruning is nothing but removing dead leaves and branches. Always remove yellow leaves, rotten leaves that affect plant growth.


Fertilizers provide essential nutrients to the plants, thereby helping them grow. it is always better to use natural fertilizers like rotted cow manure, compost, and kitchen waste. But the important secret to growing bigger leaves you can use rooting hormone powder mixed with water and you can spray on the plants. Though it's an ornamental plant you can use this chemical fertilizer which is available in all nursery gardens.

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