Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room not be neglected, the living room must be comfortable and warm. Layout, decoration, choice of style, colors, lighting, and furniture of the living room ... Here is what to organize your living room at best.

The living room is one of our favorite rooms, a place of life that belongs to almost everyone. In search of smart ideas to furnish it and to enhance it with taste, you have clicked on a good place! Zoom on the decoration of the living room with inspired and inspiring photos, its different uses, and the latest trends to furnish it.

Living Room Furniture

In the living room, it doesn't take much to create a pleasant and easy-going atmosphere. Zoom on the seats with the sofa, chairs, and armchairs, without leaving aside the coffee table.

The couch

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The centerpiece of any living room worthy of the name, the sofa should be selected with the utmost care. From structure to upholstery, including padding and suspension. There is no lack of choice so here is something to guide you in this quest for the dream sofa.

Chairs and armchairs


Once your sofa is adopted, you will have to take a close interest in the other seats in your living room. To fill up with everyday comfort, opt for quality chairs, armchairs, and ottomans, and do not hesitate to accumulate them. When we love, we don't count! In terms of styles, there is plenty to do in the major interior design brands for those looking for something new. And head for flea markets online such as garage sales for lovers of out-of-date seating.

The coffee table


As for the coffee table, it is about finding the right compromise between aesthetics and functionality. Inwood for the classic models, the coffee table also adopts glass or plexiglass and thus gains in originality. When nesting coffee tables fit into any (small) space and are ideal for saving space, other customizable models also give us a boost.

Painting colors

As in any room in the house, finding the right color (s) is not a decision to be taken lightly. In total look or by touches, the color invites itself on the walls of the living room, as on the ceiling! With a few brushstrokes, thanks to a beautiful wallpaper or cleverly scattered accessories, energizing or, on the contrary, sifting the atmosphere is not rocket science.

Large mirrors


Your space is limited? So try to enlarge it with optical effects. Large mirrors immediately make small rooms more spacious and brighter without much effort. Install an elongated rectangular wall mirror above your sofa. In this way, you create an amazing spatial concept by using reflective light that illuminates a small area. A living room decoration made up of mirrors and paintings also creates an incredible atmosphere. With smaller mirrors in modern shapes, you create an elegant eye-catching effect.

Arranging the living room so that it is welcoming can be a real challenge. Above all, you want to live comfortably and give your living room the ambiance it needs. If the space in your living room is rather limited, you need to prioritize so that the room does not get overcrowded. So, should you choose a modular corner sofa? Or maybe a smaller model with armchairs? So where do you put all the books? If you absolutely have to set up the large solid wood dining table, you may need to do without an additional desk. Should the wall with pictures be in the spotlight? So the sofa should be a bit smaller. Thanks to our planning advice for a warm living room, you will, in any case, be delighted:


Tablets and e-books have replaced conventional books. Do they belong to the past? Not at all! Books stimulate our imagination, make our dream and give a feeling of nostalgia. They can also be a great decoration in the living room. A well-stocked library is not only synonymous with education and intellect. It also exudes a warm and friendly atmosphere. Books placed on a low table next to your favorite cafe become a unique decorative element.


Don't miss out on plush interior textiles such as decorative cushions, wool throws, and rugs. They are essential for complete living room decor. Respectively underline your furnishing style! Make sure that the chosen fabrics are the same color. Of course, you don't have to take the same tone. However, for a harmonious overall image, a certain color palette should be favored. The different shades of a color family for your textiles allow the living room to shine in style.


With indoor plants, you bring life and nature into the living room. You should always keep in mind that plants need proper care. Choosing the right plants for your living room depends on the location, lighting conditions, and temperature. If you don't have a green thumb, cacti and succulents are a great alternative to more classic plants. Everything you need to know about this type of houseplant can be found in our guide.

With these tips, living room decoration becomes modern and warm. If you find this post useful, also check 10 Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

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