Must have Home Cleaning Supplies Available Online

Keeping our homes clean is a huge challenge. However, it is essential to have our house disinfected in this difficult time of coronavirus. Maintaining cleanliness and order in the spaces we inhabit is extremely important to be able to feel comfortable in them at all times and also to be able to avoid illnesses or annoying odors. Therefore, here we bring you a list of essential cleaning supplies to maintain health and hygiene in our home.

Detergent and dishwasher

There are detergent products in many presentations: liquid, stick, powder, among others. Their main function is to clean clothes and many of them are the best option for removing stains. However, its degreasing power can also be used for other purposes. However, dishwashers work much better for the task of removing grease. Either in its liquid or paste version, this product is ideal for cleaning dishes, cutlery, and many surfaces in the kitchen, a recommended hygiene habit to combat coronavirus. Its frequent use will help to maintain the hygiene of this very important environment.

Disinfectant multipurpose cleaner

It is a perfect complement to clean surfaces, floors, and walls. Its versions with different fragrances give a good finish to the cleaning of our home. We must bear in mind that this multipurpose cleaning product must also be diluted with water since applying it directly can damage the surfaces.


It is our perfect ally against viruses and bacteria. Its proper use may be our best disinfection weapon for surfaces in this age of social isolation. Keep in mind that we must mix it with water before using it. The amount will depend on the task we perform. To disinfect toilets an almost pure mixture is used, while to clean floors, walls, and other surfaces it is recommended to mix a cup of bleach with 5 liters of water.


An essential product in every home. It doesn't matter if we have hardwood, laminate, or ceramic floors. The mop will help us to correctly apply the disinfectant solutions that we use. This will correctly eliminate the viruses and bacteria that reside on our floor. You must remember to clean it well before and after use and change it frequently to avoid the accumulation of fungus and mold from moisture.

Broom and dustpan

Sweeping away dust and dirt that accumulates on the floor is the first step to any good cleaning. Therefore, we need a good broom and a good dustpan to facilitate this task. We must be very careful when buying a broom because the action of sweeping with a damaged broom can cause back damage. Be careful!

Gloves and buckets

Both products are essential in our cleaning kit. Due to the use of chemical products, it is necessary to use gloves that protect our hands against corrosion that can irritate our skin. Similarly, we must keep a distance when applying these products. Also, buckets are useful for mixing cleaning products.

Glass cleaner

Like degreaser, glass cleaner is not essential, but the finish that you will get by applying it on mirrors, windows, windows, and other glass surfaces is worth it. Its use is direct to the surface (in most cases) and using an ideal microfiber cloth to avoid leaving those annoying lint.

Bathroom brush

A must in every bathroom. This brush will allow us to properly clean the scale that forms in the toilet. This action, in addition to eliminating bad odors, will maintain hygiene in this important environment of the house. To clean the toilet you can use a clay remover or bleach.

Toilet paper package

Toilet paper is one of the must-have essential cleaning products for the home. It was made exclusively with recycled materials and elegant relief for your comfort and hygiene. In addition, its double layer is made of a soft and absorbent high-performance fabric.

Set of garbage bags

Garbage bags are essential to throwing away debris every day. You can use them both for deep cleaning and day-to-day use.

Sponges and cloths

There are a wide variety of clothes and sponges that we should have in our home. With them, we can apply disinfectants and other solutions that we will use to clean the different surfaces of our home. We must have in our cleaning kit: green fiber sponges, regular sponges, absorbent cloths, and microfiber cloths. All of them must be changed frequently to maintain hygiene and avoid the accumulation of bacteria and viruses

Alcohol hand gel

It is an instant alcohol gel that comes in a one-liter pump bottle. Work to kill all the batteries in your hands instantly. It is ideal for you to use when you are in the most compromised environments such as in the office, on public transport, or even in a hospital.

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