Simple Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

Still, thinking to start a weight loss journey? It is not too late to begin. After decided to begin there are some of these questions may arise in our mind. They are how to reduce? Whether we can reduce or not? Whom to ask? Where to go? Can we go to the gym or can do it at home? These are some of the questions raises to mind when starting our journey.

Keep all these questions out of your way and start confidently that you can reduce weight by following simple exercises at home and many have succeeded by doing the following methods. Make sure you are doing it regularly at least for three months to achieve your results. Let us see briefly;


Let us begin our first simple exercise with walking. We should not underestimate walking that gives amazing weight loss results by following it regularly. Walking reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke also helps to controls high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint, and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes. You should walk for at least half an hour morning and half an hour evening to get surprising results also consider doing 8 shapes of walking that effective in faster weight loss.


Squats are not really easy to perform but the exercise helps to shape your lower parts of the body. There is no doubt that we can do squats in our home itself and get good results by doing it regularly. But you should follow at least 3 sets of 20 reps to reduce desired weight loss.


Push-ups exercise is very useful for weight loss as it helps your body to burns calories. If you are a beginner you can start doing push-ups by using your wall. Wall push-ups are very easy and effective to lose weight.


We may come across or hear of plank challenges that help to reduce tummy fat. It acts as a fat burner and an effective abdomen workout that tightens your abdomen muscle. It is very difficult to reduce tummy fat but you can reduce it easily by doing plant for 45 secs at least 10reps regularly.

Air Cycling

Air cycling is an easy workout can do by simply laying down on your bed and lift your legs and start moving your legs like pedaling cycle. Doing like this you can get effective results and can easily burn your belly fat.


Researches showing that yoga is a proven weight loss therapy. It is believed that yoga helps not only in weight loss also develops cardio health, strengthens muscles, manages stress, treats your aging problem, and builds a stronger immune system. You can start practicing yoga right away in your home with a yoga mat and some yoga videos. You can follow the steps as instructed and achieve your goal.

Doing all the above workouts daily at least for an hour gives you stunning results and you can achieve your fitness goal as you aspired. Also check How to lose weight naturally in a week.

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