Simple skincare tips that your skin will thank you

No best compliment in the world brings an instant smile to your face is that your skin is glowing. And we all love to hear it from our loved ones that bring more confidence to us. But committing to a routine has always the biggest task for all of us.

Here we go with a few simple skincare tips that amaze you and you will find it easy.

Drink more water

We all just love that all-natural glow that comes from within. It's not so difficult to achieve this goal. You can drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. A person needs to drink at least 3 liters of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. This will maintain a healthy complexion of your skin and flush out unwanted toxins from your body.

Eat healthy snacks

It is rightly said that you are what you eat, and while a balanced diet is important, you also have to make sure that you eat a lot of greens and foods rich in vitamin C to ensure that your skin gets its required dose of nutrients. Make it a point to avoid spicy foods and fried foodstuff.

Avoid taking a hot bath

Hot showers are not ideal for your skin though it gives soothing and relaxation. Taking a hot shower not only upsets your skin’s natural moisture balance, but it also strips the natural oils and proteins from your skin that keeps it healthy.

Use moisturizer regularly

Don't forget to moisturize your skin regularly. It hydrates your skin and protects your skin from anti-aging. It also tightens the elasticity of the skin. Always use a moisturizer before your make up.

Exfoliate Gently

The most important step for a skincare routine is exfoliating your skin that helps to remove dead skin cells. It also regulates blood flow all over the face that makes your skin healthy and look radiant. Exfoliating once a week removes excess dirt and brings a glow to your skin.

Use Facewash

Always use face wash for your face instead of using soap. Your face is more sensitive than your body hence soap results in dryness and irritation. It will not help to maintain natural moisture balance.

Use Sunscreen

It is necessary to use sunscreen lotion when you are leaving out. It is the only way to protect you from UV rays that cause skin damage and skin cancer. Always use natural and herbal products that are less fragrant. Make sure all your products are non-comedogenic and tested dermatologically.

Remove Makeup Before Sleep

The important rule to maintain a healthy skin routine is to remove your make up before going to bed and have good sleep for 8 hours. You can remove makeup using coconut oil that allows your skin to breathe.

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