Stabilized Plants - A Green Touch to Decorate your Home

Stabilized plants do not require any care and can last up to 10 years: a perfect solution for decorating your home and giving a touch of green to domestic environments.

Preserved plants and flowers represent a perfect choice of furniture for those who want to create a unique and original environment, bringing a bit of nature into the home.

Stabilized Plants - Advantages

Do you love nature and green corners but do you lack a bit of a green thumb?

Preserved plants are the perfect solution for those who want to recreate an urban jungle at home, but without having to worry excessively about care and maintenance. Ideal for recreating a vertical garden at home, with a strong visual impact, the stabilized plants will give a touch of evergreen nature to your urban corner. But what are the advantages of stabilized plants? Stabilization is a process that involves replacing the lifeblood of plants with a glycerin-based solution. Plants and flowers are harvested at the moment of maximum flowering, when the colors are brighter, so as to keep all their wonderful shades intact over time.

This process makes the flowers and plants unalterable over time, allowing them to survive for about 10 years without undergoing any transformation. These particular plants do not require care and even less water: a nice advantage for those who love plants but often do not have the time, or the necessary knowledge, to take care of them at best.

How to decorate with stabilized plants

Preserved plants can be used throughout the home, from the living room to the bathroom, to the bedroom. From the decorated walls with a strong scenic impact to vases and centerpieces for a touch of elegance to green corners scattered around the house, let's see some examples of how to furnish the house with stabilized plants.

Furnish the living room

For those who dream of combining furniture and nature and want to give a scenography touch to their living room, an excellent solution is to opt for vegetable paintings to hang on the wall. The wall pictures can be made with different types of stabilized plants, but also with moss and lichen, to bring a feeling of wood directly into your living room. The paintings can be of various sizes, up to occupy an entire wall of the room, thus providing a unique contrast of colors and materials.

No matter which combination you choose, with preserved plant paintings you will bring an original piece of nature to your home.

Furnish the bathroom

To give a touch of style and elegance to our bathroom too, without weighing it down too much, we can opt for elegant potted flowers, able to provide a touch of color and naturalness. We can choose the composition by selecting our favorite flowers, to always keep with us, we can opt for lucky plants, a symbol of good luck. Also very trendy are the vases with stabilized roses or those made with wildflowers. A bouquet of preserved flowers will certainly represent a fanciful and sophisticated home decor object that will dress up your living spaces with charm and embellish any corner of the house with style.

Furnish the balcony

The stabilized plants are sound absorbing which makes them perfect for embellishing the balcony and reducing any disturbing noises. On our external corner we can opt for a vertical composition, using for example pallets, planters with pouch bags, ideal for hanging, or vertical metal flower boxes.

The balcony is the perfect corner to recreate a real urban jungle: green light for climbing plants, lichens, and pergolas, perhaps mixed with stabilized flowers for a touch of color.

Create a green corner at home

With stabilized plants it is possible to create unique, very suggestive environments, creating green corners and small glimpses of furnishings with a wow effect. We can choose a vertical piece of furniture, to be placed in the corner we like best, or vase holders to hang, so as to recreate a wonderful waterfall effect.

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