Stylish Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

When it comes to party wear, you want to look like an effortless trendsetter. But with all the food you'll consume, you'll want to feel comfortable, too. Thanksgiving is inevitable, and with all the holiday parties you'll have to attend, you'll want to make sure you have all the very best Thanksgiving outfits to see.

These Thanksgiving dress ideas will answer all your questions about what you are going to wear because not only are they outstanding, but they serve a purpose no matter if you are going to be with a family party, Thanksgiving, or your official evening dinner.

Simple Jane outfit

A great way to make sure you still look casual is to add a mischievous accent to this simple Jane outfit.

In this case, a little faux fur will do the trick. You can choose any shade, but there's nothing wrong with a small faux fur scarf in a bright blue that makes up for every other fall color you're wearing.

A pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan with a faux fur scarf will add sophistication and style to your look. And don't underestimate the power of a lovely pair of apartments while you're in it.

Cozy cardigan

A simple yet cozy cardigan is everyone's favorite. It can be worn for Thanksgiving dinner to impress with little effort. Minimalist jewelry on a knitted sweater can sometimes look gaudy, so it's important to choose jewelry wisely.

You want an embroidered sweater, but with a modern touch. Pair a sweater with a pencil skirt and some Mari to spruce up the look without overdoing it. This Thanksgiving outfit won't impress your friends at dinner, but it will also make you feel amazing and comfortable while relaxing after this huge dinner.

Mixing patterns

There is nothing wrong with mixing patterns (like Aria in Pretty Little Liars), but you need to make sure you don't go too far from the reservation. Narrow-checked or checked ones will go well with understated polka dots if they belong to the same family of flowers.

Mix up a plain coat or cardigan to make sure you don't mess up the mix and keep the shoe simple and comfortable.

Black is always in fashion

You can never go wrong with a basic black, and if you highlight or decorate it right, your Thanksgiving costume will be a hit at any party. You will always look shiny in black, so it's best to keep it stylish with a black knee-length skirt enhanced in a minimalist style.

As for the top, black on black is classy, discreet, and a good way to create a trendy look without going extravagant. Choose a black neckline with a slit and pendent! You are good to go.

This outfit screams for some shoes, so opt for a basic black with a low heel and make it stand out with understated adornments. You will be trendy on time for whatever dinner you need to attend.

Comfort is key

For your Thanksgiving outfit with your family, look most comfortable. In the end, you will be stuffing your face with all the bells and whistles, and you will want to feel great before and after eating.

Grab a large sweater and a pair with a not-too-tight miniskirt and voila! Dashing meets comfort most simply. Match fall shades with a metallic gold skirt and a beige sweater for a tattered look without fuss or fuss.

The best way to add some glamor to this look is with makeup. Pair your look with an autumn-colored lip like burgundy or burnt orange and head out to a family dinner like a star on vacation.


Low-cut dresses with or without sleeves are ideal for thanksgiving. Make sure the dress is longer and more stylish to avoid looking cheap. You can also choose from a variety of cool summer maxi dresses for your everyday day.

Try these ideas at your Thanksgiving parties and have lots of fun. Hope you find this post useful and also check How to Dress with Drooping Shoulders.

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