Tangled Heart Plant Care

The Tangled Heart Plant is one of the beautiful hanging indoor plants but it can also survive outdoor. It is also called as Pillow Plant and Swedish Ivy. The plant can be planted in a small container and it is adorable when placed in a hanging pot. It is one of the cutest plants that decorate your house and ideal for your balcony. Though it is a succulent variety it does not need much water so you can water three to four times a week. However, ensure that the soil remains moist and does not become soggy since overwatering can cause yellowing and the dropping of leaves.

This plant grows best with evenly moist soil during the growing season. Take well-drained soil for this plant add more sand to your soil mixture thus succulent loves growing in drained soil. This plant requires bright light and indirect sun. Placing under the direct sun will make the leaves burnt.

The tangled heart plant is a fast-growing plant thus it does not require any special fertilizer but you can give liquid homemade fertilizer once a month to get a healthy look to the plant.

Propagating the Tangled heart plant is also very easy. Take 3 to 4 healthy cuttings of 4 to 5 inches. Remove the bottom leaves and make sure there are at least two nodes. Place the cuttings directly into the soil. Keep the pot in a shady area at least for a week. The cutting starts to grow in few days.

This is a beautiful green cascading plant with lovely heart-shaped and fleshy leaves that are non-toxic to pets and easy to care for, it makes an ideal house plant.

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