Top 9 Balcony Makeover Ideas

It is wonderful to have a balcony in our house and it's a comfortable place where we can rest, chill and spend some time peacefully. It is a dream for many of us to have a spacious balcony but some will not find it so. Here you can get some great ideas to makeover your small balcony into a fantastic place.


Go green are not simple words its an emotion. It is pleasant to have plants on our balcony and it gives lots of happiness and it will be a great stress buster to us. You can buy plants from your nearby nursery or you can order them online. Always go for low maintenance plants if you are a beginner. And choose semi-shaded plants and indoor plants for the balcony where you will get less sunlight.

Grass carpet

The balcony floor may get dirt often and we need to maintain it regularly. You can avoid the situation by using grass carpet and it gives natural look also it is easy to maintain. It is available in various sizes and you can buy which fits your floor.

Corner shelf

If you going to make your small balcony then you can select a corner shelf as your priority to decorate and place your plants that will not occupy more space.

Artificial creepers

Balcony makeover doesn't get a complete look without greeneries but creepers that add more beauty to your balcony. It is available both in color leaf creepers or only green leaf creepers.

Fairy lights

Though it is a festive season you can decorate your balcony with fairy lights that give fantastic look and creates a happy mood.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants are the most space-saving plants that give good look to your balcony. Newly planted hanging containers need special attention for the first few months. Depending on the plant, you might even need to water it.

Garden bells

You can fix garden bells on your balcony that make pleasant cheering sound that will melt your heart, and kids also like to play with it. Also, gives an amazing look to your makeover.


To make your balcony more beautiful add some pebbles into the pot or place pebbles as outer decor on the grass carpet floor according to your creativity. It is available in all sizes and colors as per your requirement.

Cushions and pillows

After setting all makeovers, it's time to sit and relax and have a cup of coffee on your balcony. Yes, you need to find a place to fix your relaxing point where you can keep your cushion and pillows just to comfort yourself.

Hope you enjoy reading this article and find it useful.

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