Trendy Colors for Bathroom - Interior Design Ideas

As for colors, immerse yourself in the trends to come, to create a universe that suits you! The new collections have not been released yet, but it seems that some main lines are emerging

going back to basics of Interior decoration.

The year 2021 trends will undoubtedly be marked by the need to reconnect with the fundamentals. It is therefore natural that the colors are inspired by our environment: the earth, the vegetation, the flowers, and the elements which surround us such as the sky, the sea. The bathroom is no exception to this great return to sources that permeate the atmospheres of the coming year.

We find this trend in sanitary equipment with massive rough stone bathtubs, in accessories that favor imperfect shapes, referring to craftsmanship but also in the range of colors that range between warm and light browns and colorimetry of greens. But don't worry! Those who swear by blue will also be spoiled, they will be deeper or brighter according to everyone's tastes.

The warm brown sublimates the atmosphere of this bathroom, we love the shadows created by the light on this type of color. The golden touches give a slightly precious, luxurious, and refined touch to this room.

Blue combines perfectly here with the raw side of the materials used elsewhere. Gray is also very present and allows this pretty blue, both bright and deep, to flourish.

variation of the famous black and white, a mouse gray in a light tone, clean and geometric black lines, all warmed by a few touches of light wood. And you have a revisited and modernized version of this association.

Black and white are still well established, either by mixing them or by treating your room with a total white look. We find the 2021 trend which consists of handling black with subtlety like a charcoal line. It is used in a more melted, more discreet, and less frank note, a little as if it had passed over time. Marble, very present in our interiors, perfectly reflects this new trend.

The gray wall delimits the bath part, given its depth, it remains very present. We love the floor, which uses the two dominant colors: the gray and the white of the furniture and bathrooms. The rest of the walls are treated with a creamy white, almost clay for its warmth.

Dare the total look

In the bathroom, the total look is perfectly in its place, for a very Zen, very soothing atmosphere. This relaxing cocoon is all the easier to create today with colors close to nature. In this case, play with different textures and materials to give rhythm to the atmosphere. The larger and more luminous the bathroom, the more you can dare everything, whether the shades are darker or lighter. It's an idea that works perfectly in this room and that remains subtly elegant and neutral, to highlight the sanitary facilities with an original design.

Colors to absolutely avoid!

Remember that the Millennial pink is a fad that is slowly, but surely, fading away. Avoid pink in all its forms by also banning rose gold.

Dark woods with orange or reddish reflections are also completely absent, we prefer blond or medium brown woods.

The lacquered finishes that have met with great popularity in recent years are also disappearing to give way to more discretion and elegance with a nice matte finish.

Also, avoid the mix of colors on very colorful tiles with patterns, prioritize small patterns, tone on tone, for more sobriety and subtlety.

White is the color of today's and tomorrow's taps, and if that doesn't really appeal to you, no problem, matte black is still relevant today. And don't panic, they are still there in all the collections and large numbers. Because the trend is one thing, but it is your tastes above all that determine your choices.

Hope you enjoy reading the article.

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